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Product Review 

The coast-clear cart is compatible with different vaping devices. It is a distillate oil or vape oil that is transparent or semi-transparent; by using it, the user can also see the liquid level. It is made of plastic or glass and features a mouthpiece, a chamber for holding vape oil, coil.

It is popular, as it avoids any unexpected, last-moment running-out issue. It also helps to check the quality of the oil. These cartridges are compatible with vape pens, pods, and box mods. 

How does it work?

 The Coast clear cart is filled with vape oil through a filling port or by removing the mouthpiece. It should not be overfill. This cartridge is then attached to any kind of vaping device. The user activates the device once it is connect. After activation power is sent to clear the cart. Through electrical resistance the coil heats up and at a particular temperature vaporizes. Afterward, it is inhale by the user and gives different flavors and ingredients like nicotine.

Proper Usage and Dosage

Start with a low dosage and gradually increase it. When you find a comfortable level of consumption, stop there. To ensure safe and effective use, carefully read the instructions given by the manufacturer. Notice how your body responds to it because everybody’s body responds differently. If you see any effects consult the healthcare center. Store your cart in a cool area to maintain its quality.


They are a very convenient and portable way to enjoy weed. Vaping method with coast-clear carts is a very discrete method in comparison with other cannabis. It is less odorous and dissipates rapidly and is less noticeable to others. They provide more control to the user on the intake of the dosage. It also provides customizability so that users can adjust the air level accordingly.

 Side effects

Vaping can cause respiratory irritation. If it has additives with high wattages or you are addict to high dosage, it can cause throat infections and shortness of breath. It can make saliva in the mouth which can result in a dry mouth or cottonmouth. If a user is allergic to vegetable glycerin, it can cause allergies such as skin rashes and itching. These carts function to throw batteries so if guidelines are not properly follow, they can have battery explosion.

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